Thursday, August 16, 2007

Drugs--and why I'm looking forward to caring for my daughter

Sometimes I think taking drugs, which I don't do, except for alcohol and advil, is--if you bracket out the tragedy of true addiction--a really important part of human experience. Other times I don't. Other times I think you should be like the eagle that knows only the sun.

Anyway--this is one reason I'm looking forward to my baby. She's kind of drugs and eagle at the same time. She'll be stinking of poo and she'll have really bad manners but simultaneously it'll just be a three of us, in a little relatively uncomplicated cocoon, within whose fibers Nadia and spend our time and attention attending to her needs. What better use to put our life skills to?

No running away from life. Making the quotidian miraculous. Kind of like sex, except with diapers and no orgasms.

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