Thursday, August 16, 2007

And another goddamn thing while I'm feeling misanthropic

Murdering people? Totally horrible! Why do you murderers do it? What the hell are you thinking? You're just adding to the garbage. It's like this murderers. Say you're going up the sidewalk and you step in some dog shit that someone didn't scoop. Well that's the shit you're pulling on everyone except vastly more severely. Stop it.

I shouldn't even make light of it and I'm not sure I am. I just . . . try to think about it simply.

Also--institutional crime. I think I blogged about below. Why? Why can't we a) be more self conscious about the possibility that the systems we set up can have injust consequences for people who don't deserve to be injustly treated?

In England they're giving people degrees in yacht crewing.

I guess this is okay--it's not like they're majoring in english, right--but it also kind of sucks. People's instinctive inclinations toward one craft or another are sound compass I think for life decisons, but somehow I wish these english cats were getting degrees in business.

I went to the french laundry once. It was fine until we started talking about our policies vis a vis giving money to the homeless.

Why did that happen to me? How did I get here?

(I love you, donkey--it's just that everything can't be perfect.)

Whatever. Like I said, I'm an eagle. None of this shit really bothers me.

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