Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I find this -- a poll showing that the public prefers John McCain to Obama on foreign policy completely frustrating. Do people not recognize what an absolute disaster it would be in terms of foreign policy if John McCain were elected?

If you take a few moments to reflect on the stuff he's said during the campaign, the real and appreciable lack of knowledge he's demonstrated about the middle east, the advisors on his team -- Norman Podhoretz, Randy Scheunemon -- you've basically got an administration for whom war with Iran is a real priority and a Commander in Chief without the competence to manage the consequences of such an obscenely stupid action.

Obama is a young candidate, and, in the most literal sense, inexperienced in executive management of foreign policy, but he is at least, at least, as expert in foreign policy as we should expect a president to be. John McCain has not demonstrated that he's even close to meeting that qualification.

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Nadia said...

What I kept thinking as I've read your posts the last couple of weeks about Obama is that you need to keep your enthusiasm in check. There is a lot that could still go wrong. People are swayed by the stupidest things. Like my mom being on board for Obama because Michelle wore a pretty black and white dress on tv; and then her telling me Obama is bad based on misinformation from a coworker. I'll let you know the state of things in the heartland when I'm there next week.